Richard Chun TaeKwonDo World Headquarters
Richard Chun TaeKwonDo World Headquarters


Richard Chun TaeKwonDo Headquarters



Our martial arts organization includes many Grandmasters and their affiliated branches. All who are past students and trained under Grandmaster Richard Chun. We teach traditional Moo Duk Kwan as well as the Olympic style of TaeKwonDo. We are available for seminars and workshops. 

We offer direct certification from:

Richard Chun Headquarters


Korea Moo Duk Kwan


Our Mission:

  • To strive for harmony with one another through body & spirit

  • To teach respect and sincerity for others and our elders

  • To build moral character and become good citizens and ambassadors of society

  • To teach self-confidence and self-esteem through physical training



Grand Master Richard Chun

Grandmaster Richard Chun began his training at the age of 11 under Chong Soo Hong and Ki Whang Kim in Seoul, Korea. He brought TaeKwonDo to the United states in 1962. In 1967 he received his 7th Dan from the Korea TaeKwonDo Association and Kukkiwon. In 1972 he was appointed International Master Instructor. Later that year he was promoted to 8th Dan by Korea Moo Duk Kwan making him one of the highest ranked instructors in this country.

He was then appointed head coach of the U.S.A. TaeKwonDo team for the first World TaeKwonDo Championships in Seoul, Korea where the team won second place. He was a published author writing many books, articles and features about TaeKwonDo.

GM Chun passed away on November 15, 2017, however, his legacy lives on. Many of his disciples continue to teach his way. His name lives on at the Richard Chun TaeKwonDo Headquarters where his successor Grandmaster Fred Kouefati (8th Dan), carries that torch.






Grandmaster Fred Kouefati

Grand Master Fred Kouefati started his TaeKwonDo training at the age of 9 upon arrival to the United States from Syria. Soon after he joined the Richard Chun TaeKwonDo Center. He has become one of Grandmaster Chun’s highest ranked students. He has been training for over 50 years and currently holds an 8th Dan. At the age of 18 he started teaching in Paterson, NJ. He is President of the TaeKwonDo Academy Body & Spirit and the National Martial Arts League. At the age of 35 GM Chun appointed GM Kouefati to oversee the Richard Chun TKD Center and United States TaeKwonDo Association (USTA). Together they held seminars and workshops throughout the United States and Mexico. He has also collaborated with high ranking black belts teaching advanced techniques. GM Kouefati was appointed the successor to the RC TKD Headquarters and thusly becoming the President. Successfully coached his team in many competitions all over the northeast for many years. The team took many first place in sparring, forms and breaking. His schools were also successful in competing at the National level under the USTU organization. Additionally, he was appointed to coordinate and run the USTA Championships with full autonomy. Today he stands to continue promoting the art of Taekwondo. His mission is to keep the traditional Moo Duk Kwan alive and his beloved GM Chun’s legacy alive. He also balances life teaching motivation and teaches a soft style for the elderly.



Vice President

Master Stefano Cracolici

Master Cracolici started his TaeKwonDo training in the mid 1970’s. He holds the rank of 7th Dan and is Grandmaster Fred Kouefati’s most senior student. Special advisor to the RC TKD Headquarters. Vice President of the TKD for Body & Spirit and National Martial Arts League. He was also past head coach and trainer of our national team.